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The Marketers Roadmap to Second Life

  • 21 Mar 2007
  • The Diesel Playhouse, 56 Blue Jays Way


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Start Time: 8:30am - 11:00 am

The Marketers Roadmap to Second Life

Every week brings new reports of companies opening offices and stores in the virtual world of Second Life. Telus, American Apparel, and Dell are just a few of the well-known brands that have opened their virtual doors for business.

The initial hype is starting to subside as stories of empty stores and vandalized buildings make headlines. Yet over $500,000 US exchanges hands daily among the 3.7 million residents and businesses continue to explore the opportunities in this online digital world.

Join us for an in-depth look at what Second Life (and other virtual worlds) means to marketers. You’ll learn what the people and companies in Second Life are doing, the implications (today and future) of virtual worlds for brands and marketers, and what your company should know before throwing open its virtual doors.

Plus - after the presentation we’ll have 3 breakout sessions so you can get hands-on with Second Life. Join one of the following groups:
-    Taking the plunge – entering Second Life for the first time
-    I’m a walking, talking, sometimes flying avatar – Now what?
-    I’m a SL resident looking at possibilities for my business


C.C. Chapman is Vice President, Marketing for Crayon, a new marketing company with an office (and whole island!) in Second Life. A long-time resident, CC will share his first hand experience as a resident, property owner, and business.

CC will kick-off our event with a roadmap overview on Second Life:
-    Who are Second Life residents?
-    How does the Second Life population spend their time?
-    What are companies doing in Second Life?
-    Opportunities for marketers and brands in Second Life and other virtual worlds
-    What you need to know before setting up shop

Jay MoonahBuilding Brand Recognition in Second Life.

Second Life has a thriving live music community, with several shows happening each night.  And of course performers can sell merchandise like CDs or music downloads.

Jay Moonah, Internet/Media technology consultant, musician, and podcaster will share how his band, Uncle Seth, has built the band and developed relationships with music fans from around the world. Uncle Seth performs frequently in real life, Second Life, and occasionally does both at once!

Kate Trgovac - Learning from Second Life Marketers

There are hundreds of successful businesses in Second Life, and they have developed their own flavour of marketing.  For real-world brands to participate in a meaningful way in Second Life, there are a number of lessons that can be learned from these “indigenous” SL marketers. We’ll look at a couple of examples of SL-only brands and their techniques for building a successful, virtual brand.

About the Speakers:

About C.C. Chapman
cc_chapman_headshot_b.jpgC.C. Chapman is a shape shifting new media specialist based out of the Boston area where he lives with his family.

A graduate of Bentley College and a self-made new media specialist and digital marketing maven, C.C. longs to be challenged and to work with others towards success. As a pioneer in the podcasting field, his popular music podcast Accident Hash got him recognized early on as a leader and not a follower. Before joining crayon he was Digital Marketing Manager for Babson College.

Now with three podcasts under his production, including the new media focused Managing the Gray, C.C. brings a keen eye, a selective ear and a passionate heart to any idea that he gets consulted on.

Managing the Gray is a marketing podcast about new media, social marketing, no control PR and how you can embrace the evolution and not be left behind as the world moves forward. It's a mix of tips, insights and the occasional interview. His music podcast, Accident Hash was named best music podcast at both  the 2006 Podcast Awards and 2006 Podcast Peer Awards.

About Jay Moonah
jay-photo.jpgJay Moonah is an active member of the Canadian independent music scene. He is a multi-instrumentalist with the Toronto bands Uncle Seth and The McFlies. He is the host of Online Music Marketing, a podcast podcast and blog about using the Internet to promote indie music.

Jay is a freelance Internet technology consultant and trainer with over 10 years experience.  Jay has held staff and teaching positions with CANOE/Sun Media, CBC, University of Toronto & Ryerson.  He has been invited to speak at many conferences including Canadian Music Week, North By Northeast, and CANARIE's Canadian National E-learning Workshop.  In 2007, Jay was a co-organizer of PodCamp new media "unconferences" in Toronto & in Second Life.

About Kate Trgovac
katepic.jpgA trailblazer from pre-Web days on the Internet, Kate cut her online marketing teeth in 1988 using naught but mailing lists and FTP sites to promote Caper, her research firm, and its edutainment software titles.

In 2004, Kate left the agency world for the client side and joined Petro-Canada as Senior Manager, Web Evolution. Her mission (aside from explaining her job title) was to ensure that Petro-Canada is taking advantage of existing and upcoming interactive channels to communicate with key audiences and engage customers in relevant and authentic conversations.

Driven by her passion for social media and brand democratization (as well as a secret desire to work on a Web 2.0 project), Kate left Petro to join Uniserve as Senior Product Manager, where she kicked off the product development of Kinzin - a site for families to gather and share their photos, events, stories and culture. With the site set to launch in late spring 2007, Kate continues to be involved in its community building and marketing activities.

Most recently (and to the surprise of no-one, except possibly herself), Kate started reINVENT!, a boutique marketing firm focused on helping brands reconnect with their audiences through marketing participation and co-creation. With offices in Toronto and Vancouver, Kate and her team serve a variety of clients, from big brands to independent business owners, and work with them to create social media strategies that foster active participation.



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